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The Truth About 10 culinary habits that can cost you health In 3 Minutes


Check if you make these common mistakes when preparing.

1. Try food to check if it has deteriorated.

Neither taste, nor look, nor smell, you will not find all the harmful bacteria. But even a small amount of spoiled food can cause severe poisoning. If you have even the slightest suspicion of the edibility of the product, it is better to throw it away.

2. Put the ready food on a plate, where the raw meat lay

Never allow fresh meat and fish to come into contact with other foods. Otherwise, bacteria from them will get ready for food, and this can lead to food poisoning.

Always use separate plates, cutting boards and knives for raw and finished products.

3. Defreeze products directly on the table

Harmful food bacteria multiply very quickly at a temperature of 4 to 60 ° C. This is a dangerous zone. Therefore, always thaw meat only in the refrigerator or microwave.

4. Wash raw beef

It is better not to wash fresh meat. During washing, bacteria along with water are transferred to the sink, table, and other surfaces.

“If there are no visible traces of dirt on the piece of meat, do not wash it. The product with dust, sawdust, traces of dirty hands is unlikely to get to you on the table. And the process of carcass processing in the production and market does not imply that the meat can get dirty. The danger is that under the water spout the bacteria spread all over the surface of the shell. This is a direct way of poisoning because they can easily fall into your plates, “says Alexander Vorontsov, an expert in the delivery of products from Instamart hypermarkets.

The brand-chef of the Smoke BBQ restaurant Alexei Kanevsky holds a similar opinion: “Meat, which is sold in packaging, for example, steaks, should not be washed. Before cooking, pat it with a towel to dry the surface. Wet meat when sent to a frying pan comes into conflict with the heated oil. “

5. Cool the food before removing it from the refrigerator

Do not leave food on the table longer than two hours or one hour if the temperature in the room is above 32 ° C. Pathogenic bacteria reproduce very quickly in perishable foods at a temperature of 4 to 60 ° C. When traveling and picnics, take the food out to a portable refrigerator.

6. Try the raw dough

Never eat fresh eggs in any form. They can contain a bacterium of salmonella or other harmful microorganisms. Including you cannot eat baked money, even if it is without eggs. In flour can be present intestinal sticks, provoking food poisoning.

7. Use marinade from raw meat with ready-made food

Do not leave raw meat or fish marinate on the table. Take them to the refrigerator. At a temperature of 4 to 60 ° Charmful microorganisms multiply rapidly.

Never use a marinade left from raw meat, with ready-made food. If you want to use it as a sauce, boil it.

8. Undercook meat, fish, and eggs

Food is safe only after it has been heated to a sufficiently high temperature. At the same time, all harmful bacteria die. To ensure that the food is not left undercooked or undercooked, use a cooking thermometer when cooking.

Do not rely solely on appearance, smell or taste, to determine whether the dish is ready or not.

9. Do not wash your hands

Bacteria live on all surfaces, including on hands. Always wash your hands with warm water and soap before preparing. And when finished, remove them again.

10. Do not change the sponge for washing dishes

Sponges and rags for washing dishes are the dirtiest items in the kitchen. Dangerous bacteria accumulate on them. Disinfect them at least every other day and change every week or two.


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