Did you know that it is better for pregnant women to refuse cheese brie, tuna, and hot dogs? We tell you what other foods nutritionists are advised to exclude future mothers from the diet.

Many women mistakenly believe that during pregnancy it is not necessary to monitor their diet. Dietitian Juliana Shalek made a list of products that are not recommended for pregnant women, and she explained why.

Raw fish

“Do not lean on sushi, rolls and other varieties of raw fish. It may contain harmful bacteria that can cause all kinds of diseases in you and your child, up to the time of blood poisoning, – Julian comments. “If you can not give up fish, treat yourself to fish steak or seafood pasta.”

Ham and sausage

Do you like biting sandwiches with sausage? We have bad news: sausage and ham from the supermarket can lead to food poisoning. To avoid unpleasant consequences, fry the ham in a frying pan: high temperature will not leave bacteria any chance.

Hot Dogs

For the same reason in the risk zone are hot dogs, or rather – sausages. If you can not resist the temptation, make sure that the hot dog was cooked at a temperature of at least 73 ° C – this temperature is considered high enough to destroy dangerous bacteria. And in general, try to choose well-fried burgers and steaks.


Brussels sprouts, carrots, pregnancy and turnips – from pregnant root crops to pregnant women, it is better to refuse. The fact is that bacteria can live on them, including salmonella, listeria and E. coli. The way out is to cook and bake root vegetables.

Fish with a high content of mercury

“Fish with a high content of mercury can be dangerous for the child’s brain and nervous system,” explains Shalek. “This means that you need to exclude tuna and mackerel from the diet.” You can replace them with safer salmon, cod, catfish, and tilapia. “

Raw eggs

“Here everything is simple: they can contain salmonella,” says the nutritionist. – You also do not need to eat the dough, and also sauces and dressings, which contain raw eggs. It’s not worth to give up eggs at all: just eat them in the form of eggs or omelets. “


“Perhaps this is the most obvious item on the list: even in small quantities, alcohol is dangerous to the health of the child,” says Juliana. – According to statistics, the threat of miscarriage with alcohol consumption increases by 3-4 times. I’m not talking about the possibility of developing heart disease and microcephaly (underdevelopment of the brain or its parts). “

Canned food

“Canned foods contain a lot of sodium, which can cause swelling and increased blood pressure,” explains Shalek. “I advise you to avoid canned food and include as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible in your diet.”

Unpasteurized products

“Make sure that the dairy products have been thermally treated,” the dietician advises. – Definitely, it is necessary to refuse soft cheese – such as brie, feta, and gorgonzola. They can contain bacteria and cause poisoning. The same applies to milk – during pregnancy I recommend that you give up live milk in favor of pasteurized milk. “

Substitutes for sugar

Future mothers for the best of reasons replace sugar with sweeteners, but Shalek believes that sugar substitutes can affect a child’s healthy – weight gain, metabolism, and microbiome.

And on sweet during pregnancy, it is better not to lean. It is better to add more fresh fruit to the diet and drink tea or coffee with vanilla almond milk – the vanilla flavor will create the impression that you ate something sweet.


“A cup of coffee a day is an acceptable norm during pregnancy. An overabundance of caffeine can lead to heartburn, and in the worst case – to too low a child’s weight, “Shalek comments.

Sweet drinks

“Carbonated drinks, juices, and lemonade are also banned. These drinks contain a lot of sugar and can lead to dehydration. It’s better not to take chances, “Juliana says.