A resident of the English city ​​of Gravesend, Kent, showed the doctors a 20-second video of her sick daughter and saved her life. Frames shot by the mother published the tabloid The Mirror.

30-year-old Jade Rodford (Jade Rodford) recalls that her daughter Ella (Ella) was ill for several days before her condition worsened. The attending physician examined the girl and found no dangerous abnormalities. After returning from the hospital, the woman left the child with her grandmother.

“Five minutes later, my mother called and said that I should go home,” said the Briton. “Ella was gasping and chenille.”

According to Rodford, the girl’s temperature jumped. Concerned mother took her daughter to the camera phone. The frame shows how the skin of the sleeping Ella was covered with yellow-crimson spots. A woman called emergency services and described the condition of the child. The operator warned that the wait for the brigade of paramedics may take some time, and advised them to come to the hospital on their own.

The British brought Ella to the emergency room. Doctors could not make an accurate diagnosis, because, according to the mother, the symptoms were acutely manifested only at home. Rodford showed a recorded video, after which the girl was immediately hospitalized. Within a few hours, she was diagnosed with sepsis, a blood infection.
Five-year Ella spent 12 days in the hospital.

“If I had not recorded this video, Ella would not be alive now. Doctors would examine her and send her home, says Rodford. – Intuition told me that something was wrong with my daughter. This video saved her life. ”


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