Saturday, May 5, 2018

Do 50 boles a day, and in a month not only your body will be transformed

A challenge for the muscles and willpower that will make you better.

Journalist Anna Quinlan responded to the Bieri
challenge in Instagram and did 50 repetitions of the exercise for 30 days. A month later, she shared her thoughts on this matter.

1. The most challenging thing is to start

Doing 50 burpees at a time is hard, and I'm not even going to lie about it. However, during the month, I probably spent more time on suffering because of the need to do exercises than on the activities themselves. Always something prevents too hot, too tired, busy, hungry, too good styling to sweat.

But as soon as I did the first ten repetitions, I realized that a little more, and it would be done. As soon as it became apparent, it became much easier to make the burpees. So do not wait, you need to do.

2. The momentum is important

I'm talking about a metaphorical impulse pushing the do-burpees every day. We could not start the call for three days. But as soon as they started, it became easy. The first 11 days I felt irresistible. But then went on a campaign and after a seven-hour trip missed the day. Over the next week, I did 50 bumps only once.

I broke off my 11-day inspirational marathon, and the consequences were terrible. But I found the strength to go back to the exercises and just added to the month six additional days of the challenge.

3. Börp, perhaps the most useful exercise

I ran two marathons, participated in a triathlon, I conduct sports classes twice a week. And before that, I did do-it-yourself as part of a high-intensity cardio workout. But when it became separate training, I felt every muscle. For the first week, my body ached. Even on the 30th day, it was hard for me, and I sweated mercilessly.

Therefore, if I find myself without access to the gym, I will definitely choose Björp to replace traditional training.

4. Burdy effectively pumped hands

I did push-ups during each burpee. And in combination with other elements of the exercise, it was challenging. During the first week, my hands were very tense. The pain continued in the second week. But at the same time, when on the twentieth day of the call I saw my photo, it seemed to me that the photographer put somebody else's strong hands on my body. So if you dream about this effect, start at least with push-ups.

5. A good exercise technique helps

I'm not saying that my bears are perfect. But after the 1 500th repetition, I learned two details that help to perform the exercise much better. First, to avoid blocking the elbows, when you return from standing to the bar, keep your hands slightly bent. So, as if you are already halfway to push-up.

Secondly, deliberately engage the press , when you jump out of the bar, so that the feet are at the palms of your hands. This not only protects the lower back, but makes the entire movement more powerful and controlled.

6. It takes much less time than it seems

"Fifty" sounds like a big number. When people heard that I was doing 50 boris a day, they said: "It's so much! I would never have been able to. " Several times I used a stopwatch, and it turned out that the training took not more than eight minutes. And I would rate the fastest in five and a half minutes.

I broke 50 bierpi for five approaches 10 times and rested as much as needed. But not longer than a minute. And as soon as I realized that even in the most difficult days, training does not take more than ten minutes, it became easier for me.

The thought that it would all end in eight minutes helped me not to look for excuses, but to start studying right now.

7. Partnership helps

In the burpees call, I was drawn into by a friend. Several more of our friends responded to him. Some of us published a video from the training session in Instagram. And when I was tempted to rest, I realized that I would feel uncomfortable knowing the opinion of the rest about it.

The result

Doing 50 burrs every day for a month was both more difficult and easier than it seemed to me initially. I was surprised how quick and effective was the training. And at the same time, I was stunned by how much I had learned from my doubts and fears. It was a great exercise at will. And that's what I like about these challenges: you never know what you'll get as a result.

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