Samira Mustafayeva, master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, prize-winner of the World Championship, owner of the network of stretch studios SM Stretching, told Newshubb how barre training helps to find the body of dreams.

Barre fitness can be described as a mix of yoga, ballet and pilates with small scales. It was invented by a ballerina, who after the injury was forced to abandon the cause of her life, but wanted to transfer her professional skills. This direction is a weight training with small weights, aimed at all muscle groups. Every muscle is trained and pumped, which can not be achieved by doing it on the simulators. Weight is selected individually, so as not to cause harm to the body since large weights often badly affect the back, knees, and joints.


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 Thanks to the barre, the muscles are lengthened, they become firm, and the body looks taut and elastic. In addition, you will gain a luxurious posture, stamina, and flexibility.

Barre is popular with women of all ages because these classes help not only to lose weight, but also to dry out. Although the training can be called static, the calories burned no worse than with intense cardio, because there is deep internal work on increasing muscle density. And by increasing the density of muscles, we accelerate the metabolism in the body. In general, this is the story of both weight loss and muscle tone.

Barre suits absolutely everything. Thanks to the barre, women in the US and at 60 years of age are healthy and active. 

Contrary to the ideas of most people, the barre has no direct relationship either to stretching or to ballet. But in the first part of the training we stretch out the body and do it like a ballerina, and then stretch it.

Do barrels enough twice a week. The results depend on the individual characteristics of the person and his preparation. The same can be said about how quickly you can sit on the twine. There is no specific time frame.

But after the first lesson, the body will thank you: you will feel a surge of energy, and your movements will become more graceful. As a rule, the body begins to change after several pieces of training – it will be tightened, it will become stronger, and the muscles of the press will strengthen.