Boris Johnson appeared on television to claim ‘personal responsibility’ for the ongoing Brexit debacle, all while sporting a new haircut which many saw as a sign of an impending leadership challenge.

The former foreign secretary decried negotiating tactics on all sides when speaking to the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, saying the Irish border backstop issue affords Brussels the power to “blackmail” the UK.

“Do not underestimate the deep sense of personal responsibility I feel for Brexit… There is a real alternative,” the leading Brexiteer told host Andrew Marr, in a segment which immediately raised eyebrows online.

It absolutely breaks my heart to think that after all we fought for, all that we campaigned for… that we should consign ourselves to a future in which the EU effectively rules us in many many respects and yet we have no say around the table in Brussels,” Johnson added, eschewing his trademark messy mop of hair for a more statesmanlike cut; though the overextended tie still featured.

As a reminder, here’s what Johnson’s hair looked like previously.

Johnson predicted Theresa May would be defeated in Tuesday’s Brexit deal vote, adding that the prime minister could still go back to Brussels to renegotiate a more favorable, “no tariff, no quota” deal. The majority of the audience, however, seemed more transfixed by his hair than his words.

The Uxbridge and Ruislip MP, who resigned from May’s cabinet in July, sidestepped a direct question about any potential leadership ambitions he might harbor.

He did, however, quell rumors that he had already begun offering Tories a place in his potential cabinet, dismissing them as an “absurdity.”

In a piece penned for the Sun on Sunday, Johnson called for MPs to vote down the current incarnation of May’s Brexit deal and batten down the hatches for a No Deal Brexit, saying “time now to show our EU friends that we mean business.”


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