In  Yemen, the Hussites continue to hunt the armored vehicles of their opponents. Judging by the videos posted on the Web, among the targets hit was once again the T-34-85 tank belonging to the pro-Saudi President Hadi fighters. The fighting takes place in the province of Al-Dali.

The Kornet-E anti-tank missile systems, which were purchased before the outbreak of the civil war and were in the hands of the insurgents after they took control of the army warehouses, were used for the attacks.

It is possible that the Iranian clone “Cornet” – ATGM Dehlaviyeh also got into the lens of the video camera. This weapon, according to military expert Yuri Lyamin, has recently been quite often found in Yemen, including among the trophies inherited by the forces opposing the Hussites.

Padded “thirty-four” has become at least the eighth legendary machine of the Great Patriotic War, destroyed in Yemen since the beginning of the year. Before that, the Hadists lost two such tanks at once during one of the April battles.

On the same video visible damaged T-55. And at one of them after hitting the rocket, the ammunition immediately exploded, which completely destroyed the armored vehicle. The second damage was not so fatal, but it is also unlikely to ever be able to return to the system.


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