In Japan, an auction was held, where they sold a special sort of watermelons. It is called “Densuke” and has an almost black skin color.

It is reported that the auction set a new record. One fruit weighing 11 kg was sold for 750 thousand yen (about $ 7.2 thousand). The previous record was set in 2008 when the watermelon was sold for $ 6 thousand.

The buyer was the owner of a network of Japanese supermarkets. He said that such a purchase would be a sign of good sales this year and said that it was a great honor for him to be the owner of this watermelon. The fruit has an ideal oval shape, it was packed in a red box with a brand inscription.

“Densuke” is called a black watermelon due to the fact that the stripes on it are practically invisible. Inside it is a bright red color, and there are practically no bones. Some celebrate its pronounced sweet taste.

In Japan, they regularly hold auctions selling unusual fruits and vegetables. All of them are considered the elite variety and cost more than a thousand dollars.


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