You have stayed a few hours until the end of working hours, and you are slowly feeling fatigued. At one point, you want to have a cup of coffee, which is ready to be served on your table in the morning. But is such a coffee healthy to drink?

What if it’s a coffee with milk?

If it is well closed or placed in a refrigerator, the milk can be useful and a week from opening. If you leave coffee with milk to stand for more than a few hours without having to drink, then it would be best to prepare a new coffee.

Does the taste of the prepared coffee change over time?

The prepared coffee can change the taste after 30 minutes, and after that period you have about four hours before the coffee spoils, which results in the even worse taste of this drink. So, coffee is best to drink half an hour after you cook it.

What happens when coffee is cooked for a certain amount of time?

Coffee is then safe for drinking, although it is unlikely to have the same kind taste. The better idea is to make a new coffee, and if you are determined to drink that particular coffee, then it is best to warm it up in a microwave oven beforehand because it mostly kills the bacteria that are gathering in the meantime.


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