The US space agency showed how all the fires that are now raging on our planet look from orbit. The images were received from Earth remote sensing satellites and are grouped on the special EOSDIS Worldview NASA service, which allows you to see what is happening below. Downstairs everything burns.

The strongest are Africa and Madagascar. But fires there are caused artificially: the local population burns dry vegetation, interfering with farming. Cataclysms in most other places of natural-origin. The forests are burning. Especially in the US – on the west coast.

space from satilate
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As experts say, the fires have multiplied. Moreover, the danger of a global fire increases every year. The reason for this is a decrease in air humidity, increased winds and an increase in temperature. Now the combination of these factors is almost the most unfavorable for several decades. From here and a nightmare view from the orbit on the flaming Earth.