For 325 dollars cost the buyer a copy of the Bible with the signature of Donald Trump. The seller claims that this is one of the books on which the president signed an autograph two weeks ago, visiting a Baptist church in Alabama.

Earlier on the eBay online auction, Trump’s books were sold for 10 and even 25 thousand, but this time the seller could not find a buyer even for 525 dollars, so the price was significantly reduced during the sale process.

Experts interviewed by NBS believe that in this case the autograph is forged, despite the “certificate of authenticity” attached to the lot. For example, Justin Steffman, the head of a company engaged in verifying the authenticity of celebrity autographs, called the chances of this signature for authenticity “zero.” The specialist also noted the high demand for autographs of the current US president, and therefore their value, which is explained by the distinctive character of Trump’s handwriting “reminiscent of the heart rate chart.”

According to the experts of PSA / DNA, who also categorically deny the authenticity of the signature on the Bible, up to 50% of the autographs on eBay are forged.


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