The model of the sixth generation Russian combat aircraft was noticed in a film about the fifth-generation fighter Su-57.

The model of the aircraft appears in the frame at 20.05, where the  TV channel Zvezda shows the tests of the aircraft engine with a thrust-bearing vector similar to that put on the Su-57. Above the test bench operators’ stand are models of aircraft, including experimental ones: MiG-1.44, Su-47. There is here and the Su-57 – and he is not the last. At the far left is the mock-up of a small aircraft with heavily collapsed keels and without stabilizers.

This is a model of the Russian sixth-generation hypersonic fighter, writes Defense Blog. According to journalists, the secret development was shown intentionally.
The sixth generation fighter will take off until 2025, the president of the United Aircraft Building Corporation, Vladimir Mikhailov, said earlier.

The aircraft will be able to reach speeds of several Machs and work in unmanned mode – although they will leave the cockpit in it. The Su-57 used some of the sixth generation technology – for example, the exchange of functions between the onboard systems.


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