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AMD and Samsung Electronics have announced a long-term strategic partnership, in which low-power mobile graphics will be created based on AMD Radeon graphics technology.

In the course of cooperation, Samsung will license the RDNA graphics architecture and will be able to use AMD graphics technology, which will allow expanding innovations in mobile devices, including smartphones. As expected, Samsung will pay license fees and royalties for using AMD technology.

We previously heard about RDNA at the AMD press conference before the start of the Computex 2019 exhibition. Then they talked about it in the context of the further development of the Graphics Core Next platform and the creation of Radeon RX 5000 video cards.

RDNA conference
The introduction of our Radeon graphics technologies in the PC markets, game consoles, cloud systems, and high-performance computing has increased significantly. 
We are very excited to partner with Samsung, the industry leader, and help accelerate graphics innovations in mobile devices, ”said Dr. Lisa Sue, President, and CEO of AMD. 
This strategic partnership will expand the presence of our high-performance Radeon graphics on the mobile device market, significantly increasing the user base and the Radeon ecosystem of technologies .”


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