How often you had to observe such a picture: the doctor gives out the results of your health tests, and there are some tests, designations and in general little is clear. Of course, there is still a line of “conclusion”, but nobody canceled the medical handwriting. The scientists from TUSUR and SibGMU, who create a mobile application for interpretation of the analyzes, who also interprets the results understandably, thought about it.

The system itself is based on real medical data entered in a unique database. The application compares the indicators and determines the result, the reasons for the deviation from the norm and issues an opinion without “abstruse” words. As one of the developers, Antony Fedyaev,

“Many patients, after receiving the results of laboratory tests, independently look for norms on the Internet, trying to decipher the data without the participation of a specialist, and most often receive inaccurate information. Our application comprehensively and reliably interprets the results of analyzes taking into account the age of the patient, which first of all reduces the level of anxiety of a person for their health or, on the contrary, stimulates to a quicker treatment in a hospital. “

The application also maintains a shared database, where each person can monitor the dynamics of the indicators, as well as share them with the doctor. The application itself is called the “Analysis of Analysis,” and it is already in beta testing. Supported devices based on iOS and Android.

“There are no direct analogs of such an application. At the moment, a prototype has been created, which already defines standards for general blood and urine tests, but the functionality will be significantly expanded. Users will be able to decode even rare tests. “


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