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What will happen to your body if you give up carbohydrates for a month?

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The consequences may not be the most pleasant: from headaches to hormonal failure.

A constant headache

An irritating headache may appear in a day without carbohydrates. And this is a predictable side effect, especially if earlier you did not limit yourself to sugars.

Body systems are accustomed to receiving energy from carbohydrates, which are quickly broken down into glucose. In the absence of familiar sources, the body will start using fat to get energy, but it takes time to rebuild. Therefore, in the first few days or weeks of dizziness and headache will become your constant companions.


The lack of a simple and understandable source of energy will inevitably lead to the fact that you will always feel tired and sleepy, and in the mornings you can only be lifted by a crane or steel will from the pillow. With a lack of glucose, the body goes into energy saving mode and spends its energy primarily on life support processes: breathing, contraction of the heart muscle, and so on. Your work and study in the priorities of the body are not included.

Mood swings

Without carbohydrates, you will not be such a pleasant companion for others. However, the constant irritability, mood swings and your own life will not make it more accessible. The reason for such changes is the close connection between carbohydrates and the hormone level of serotonin joy. Irritability is not the worst thing that can happen. Low-carbohydrate diet often leads to depression Low-Carb State of Mind.

Digestive disorders

Probably, the absence of carbohydrates in the diet will be accompanied by a bloating. Constipation is one of the possible consequencesLow-carbohydrate nutrition and metabolism too strict food restrictions. This effect is potential due to dehydration caused by a lack of carbohydrates, and a small amount of fiber in the food, if you eat not enough cereals, fruits, and vegetables. The problem can be solved if you drink enough water and consume enough fiber.

However, it is possible and entirely the opposite result of the diet – diarrhea. Do not take it as a way to lose weight faster: it threatens all the same dehydration and washing out of the body of nutrients before they are digested. If the reason is precisely the wrong diet, diarrhea is eliminated by returning to a balanced diet. In other cases, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.

Failure to focus

Routine affairs will take more time from you since the first stage of any endeavor will be an attempt to concentrate. To focus, the brain needs a constant supply of energy. The absence of its sources leads to absent-mindedness.

And research shows that low-carb diets are much more harmful Low Carb Diet Is Bad For Thinking And Memory to affect cognitive abilities, than balanced, even with the same total caloric value.


Carbohydrates delay. Does daily weighing help you lose weight?water in the body, so their sharp reduction in the diet will lead to a rapid loss of several kilograms. But the loss of fat is not relevant; it’s a fluid.

And yet with a low-carb diet, you will look better, the body will become more prominent. However, the medal has another side: you risk losing too much water, which will negatively affect your health. Lack of moisture will also lead to headaches.


The body will respond to a sharp restriction of carbohydrates in the diet and then go to the ultimatum requirement to return him the usual source of energy. The abdominal stomach will continuously ask for new portions, and any smell of food will cause violent salivation. Cooking will take up a significant part of your thoughts.

Change in eating habits

The lack of fast carbohydrates will force you to take a fresh look at foods that contain sugars. After a while, you will find out what sweet fruits and milk can be. At the same time, the longer you go without sweets and rolls, the easier it will be to refuse them.

Weight loss

If you exclude carbohydrates, the scales will sooner or later show weight loss. The reasons for this may be two.

  • Ketosis. When the amount of carbohydrates in the diet is minimal, the body begins to useKetogenic diet: Is the ultimate low-carb food right for you?as energy fatty acids and the metabolism of ketone bodies. To enter into ketosis, you need to consume a sufficient amount of fat.
  • Decreased total caloric content. The principle by which all diets work: consume less than you waste. If you did not eat fewer carbohydrates and started eating less, weight loss is a logical consequence.

Changing the hormonal background

The lack of calories and carbohydrates can improve the level of production of the following hormones.

  • T3 is the thyroid hormone. ResearchDietary-induced alterations in thyroid hormone metabolism during overnutrition. Show that a hard diet can reduce hormone production, and the lack of carbohydrates affects the thyroid gland more than the macronutrient-balanced food.
  • Cortisol is a stress hormone. The absence of carbohydrates increasesDiet-hormone interactions: protein/carbohydrate ratio alters reciprocally the plasma levels of testosterone and cortisol and their binding globulins in man its development, which negatively affects the work of the necessary systems of the body.
  • Testosterone. According to studies, low-carbohydrate diet reducesDiet-hormone interactions: protein/carbohydrate ratio alters the plasma levels of testosterone and cortisol and their binding globulins in a manthe production of this sex hormone reciprocally.


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