Some sources say that the StG 44 rifle, created by the Germans, is a prototype of a Kalashnikov assault rifle. But how to determine whether there was plagiarism in the work of the creator of the AK-47?

The fact is that both of these rifles are very similar in appearance. But, if we compare the weapons of each era, it will become clear that it is similar to each other at least in something. This applies to all types: rifles, pistols, carbines and even tanks.

For example, back in 1917, German designer Hugo Schmeisser created the MP-18 submachine gun. He became the prototype of many machines of the Second World War.

From 1938 to 1944 he created the very StG 44, which in the end produced half a million pieces. At the end of 1946, he was taken to Izhevsk together with other scientists, where he continued to work. It is reported that he sabotaged work at the plant, and did not participate in the creation of the AK-47, along with his colleagues.

Tests of the new machine

Kalashnikov worked in Kovrov and in December 1946 presented the first version of his machine gun. He was called “raw” and sent for revision along with other cadets. A few months later he showed a converted automaton, which became the basis for the creation of the AK-47. As a result, his version won against others, and he continued to improve weapons.

Kalashnikov had a few months to surrender his weapons, so he tried to bring it to perfection as quickly as possible. It was at that moment, according to experts, that he borrowed some details from his German colleague.

Despite many facts, the dispute about how independently Kalashnikov made his famous machine gun still goes on. Some claim that this is a unique weapon, which is based on the one that was presented before the First World War, while others are confident that the AK-47 is a complete copy of the StG 44 rifle.


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