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I love fighting Apple. In all previous cases, the “fruit” company was taken over the mind when the question of its existence was already an edge. This time they surprised me. I hope that this surprise will not disappear even when the details become known. I was not going to write about WWDC 2019. In any case, until the dust clears away. But I am writing. Apple has taken on the old habitual sores, and from the assumptions to what it can reach in this way the hair stand on end. Horror film … About the horrors later.

The fact that has turned into a monster, and the fate of dinosaurs has been waiting for it, has been spoken for at least 12 years. The application replacing the player with the classic Mac OS is rapidly overgrown with side functionality, in 2008 someone even suggested (jokingly) that soon even Mac OS X (as it was then called) would become part of it.

Imagine? iTunes on Mac OS X and she herself is in it. Mobius ring. And Jonathan Ive, with his irresistible burden to the beautiful, would turn this paradox into a masterpiece, one could look at it endlessly, like tongues of flame in a fireplace.

On June 3, 2019, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, something happened that should have happened 10-12 years ago. multiplied by division. It is no more, but there is Music, Podcasts and TV.

Obviously, the proprietary operating system for the iPad, “custom-made” by the brilliant fashion designers from Cupertino, would have been much better suited for them than it did in real history, began to be spoken about back in 2010. Steve made a difficult, but the only right decision at the time: to make the iPhone system universal. Otherwise, the success of the iPad would be much more modest.

Years have passed. Apple was painfully looking for such a thing to spend some of the infinite financial reserves – when there is a lot of money, this is unbearable. But they didn’t even think about the iPad system. Everything was good, nothing threatened Apple, it was possible to be full and smugly looking at others to continue to exist.

And now iPadOS. At first glance, this is really great. Many questions remain, apocalyptic suspicions arise. And hope. Wait and see.

iOS 13, macOS 10.15 “Catalina”, watchOS 6 (and Watch App Store), Swift UI and much more – it’s too early to write about them, we haven’t yet had the opportunity to look under the hood, and we can’t even believe to myself.

But about the “grater for cheese” and a giant display in the style of “Buratino” does not write already unbearable. Because it…

New design word

The new Mac Pro and 32-inch (this is 81.28 cm) Pro Display XDR are devices from another planet, where the arithmetic formula UI / UX (user interface divided by its functional qualities) is usually written in reverse: UX / UI. As it should be, in my opinion.

When I first saw the new Mac Pro (in the picture), I experienced horror. Casting on the main character of the worst horror film of the world, he would have passed with a guarantee I exaggerate, but not much. Hundreds of thousands of professionals so loudly dreamed of a “grater for cheese” on the front panel that their dream came true.

mac pro

I experienced a similar horror when I first saw SAAB 95. It quickly passed. Wonder machine.

What happened to the Cavalier of the Order of the British Empire, Sir Jonathan Ive? He is ill? Was he tortured? Is he out of his mind?

Instead of adjusting the smoothness and beauty of the lines to the micron, sacrificing, without much pity, the interests of those who will use all this (and not to admire), for some unknown reason, Sir Jonathan, with the same fanaticism and attention to detail, again invented a professional computer. And deadly ugly 6K display.

You can connect up to 6 Pro Display XDR horror movies to Mac Pro from horror movies. It is 120 million pixels. This is terrible … great.

Sir Jonathan is not crazy. He did everything right.

In devices for consumers, the main thing is beauty. In devices for professionals, their professional qualities are more important.

Just in case, to avoid misunderstandings, in this section we discussed the appearance of Mac Pro 2019 and 32-inch Pro Display XDR, which most of us saw only in the picture. And how many people – so many tastes.

Outwardly, they are terrible – it is because of this that I like them.

Is a professional professional?

Intel Xeon with up to 28 cores. RAM up to 1.5 Terabytes. SSDs with up to 4 Terabytes. MXP (Mac Pro Expansion Module), up to two pieces.

Inside the Mac Pro 2019 available “360 °” – to remove the body tools are not needed. It is enough to unlock the latch, and pull the body up. It is removed from the strong metal frame like a glove. Like the Mac Pro 2013.

Caught horror holes “grater”, only optimal. Their task is to ensure normal temperature conditions inside the case under any load. And perhaps these holes are, in fact, amazingly beautiful. We just have not yet penetrated.

To finally answer the question about the professional solvency of Mac Pro 2019, we can only really test it in the case. Judging by the fact that they told about him, he is incredibly talented and capable of anything.

Here there is only one small “but”, about which it is impossible not to talk.

How much is it?

apple mac pro

In the most modest configuration (there is nowhere more modest): 8-core Intel Xeon, 32 GB of RAM (ECC, with error correction), 256 GB SSD, with AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics card, the new Mac Pro will cost $ 5,999. No taxes and fees.

Even in the minimum configuration, this is a monster that is fully operational. It seems that the Mac Pro in its minimal configuration is not inferior to the cheapest iMac Pro – we do not yet know how true this conclusion is. By the sum of the qualities of the components, it is possible.

Expensive? Mac Pro 2012, in its minimal configuration, cost $ 2,999, but to turn it into something useful, it was necessary to spend another thousand or two greens, and $ 5,999 for the 2019 ready-to-use computer — almost normal. SSD could have been bigger, but if you have an external RAID, a terabyte of 12 is tolerable. If there is already a RAID.

The price for the minimum configuration was called, 99 out of 100, which is what it will be. The question in the title is a bit different.

How much will the maximum configuration Mac Pro cost, with a RAM of 1.5 Terabytes, a 28-core Intel Xeon, the most expensive graphics card, an SSD of 4 Terabytes, and two MXPs (Mac Pro Expansion Module)?

And how much will the “average” configurations cost for different applications. We learn in a couple of months.

Add here two Pro Display XDR, each of which will cost $ 4,999 + $ 199 for connectors + $ 999 for the rack (if I understood correctly, I really hope that I’m mistaken).

If you believe Phil Schiller, for the display with the characteristics of the Pro Display XDR, asked 43 thousand dollars. That is, Pro Display XDR 7 times cheaper than the closest competitor?


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